McMaster Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshops

Experience the BEST in EVIDENCE-BASED Health Care Education

Sunday, June 12th - Friday, June 17th, 2022

Come to McMaster, the birthplace of evidence- based healthcare, where – for the final time - we offer the choice between one of two closely related workshops, both of which will run from the evening of Sunday, June 12th to the morning of Friday, June 17th.  The first caters to clinicians who wish to improve their clinical practice through enhanced skills in reading, interpreting, and applying the medical literature.  The second is designed for clinician educators interested in enhancing their skills for teaching the principles of evidence-based practice to others.  Both workshops are tailored to faculty and community internists, hospitalists, and senior and incoming chief residents and will run from Sunday June 12th through Friday June 17th, 2022. In addition, we offer a post-course half day workshop focused on EBHC curriculum development.   

What is Evidence-Based Clinical Practice/Evidence-Based Medicine?

Evidence-based clinical practice (EBCP) is an approach to health-care practice that explicitly acknowledges the evidence that bears on each patient management decision, the quality of that evidence, the benefits, harms, and burdens of alternative management strategies, and the role of patients’ values and preferences in trading off benefits, harms, and burdens.

EBCP and Patient Management Decisions?

Clinicians are confronted daily with questions about the interpretation of diagnostic tests, the harm associated with exposure to an agent, the prognosis of a disease in a specific patient, the effectiveness of a preventive or therapeutic intervention, and the relative costs and benefits associated with these decisions. Both clinicians and policy makers need to know whether a primary study or a systematic review yield low or high quality evidence, and whether a clinical practice guideline offers trustworthy recommendations.

Members of the department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI) at McMaster University, in collaboration with other colleagues trained in both medicine and in clinical epidemiology, have developed a set of common-sense strategies to assist in the critical appraisal of evidence. They have also developed approaches explicitly considering values and preferences in clinical decision-making, thereby encouraging the practice of EBCP.

Workshop Objectives

Both streams:  To help participants advance their skills in critically appraising the literature, and their skills in acknowledging and incorporating values and preferences in clinical decision-making.

Improve practice stream: To acquire an understanding of common epidemiological concepts (e.g. understanding magnitude of effect, confidence intervals, what makes a rigorous  systematic review) and advance their skills in using the literature for improving practice, and judging comparative effectiveness of health care interventions, and quality assurance.

Teaching stream: Using a variety of educational models suited to a variety of learners,  to help participants do a better job teaching EBCP.

Workshop Format

The workshop is offered as a five-and-a-half day intensive course.  Participants will be learning in interactive small groups led by clinical epidemiologists and practitioners from McMaster and other institutions, as well as in large group sessions, individual study

For the teaching stream, people sometimes arrive surprised at our expectations.  Therefore, we emphasize: we expect learners to prepare materials, ideally that they have used or plan to use at home, and themselves lead the small group sessions, teaching in role-play environments to their fellow group members. 

Optional Post-Course 

An additional 3-1/2-hour large group setting post-course for individuals wishing to gain expertise in developing an EBHC curriculum.  The post-course requires separate registration and fees in addition to the main workshop registration.  The post-course will be conducted in the afternoon of Friday, June 17, 2022.

WHO Should attend

Clinicians of all sorts: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, occupational and physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors and other health-care professionals.

Workshop Materials

Prior to and at the workshop, participants will have access on-line to educational materials that include literature on critical appraisal and EBCP, the small group learning format, a set of clinical problems, JAMA evidence, and a variety of other EBCP aids.

Why come to McMaster University?

McMaster University is not only the birthplace of evidence-based medicine, and has produced the definitive evidence-based health care texts, we also continue to lead the world in innovation and advances in EBHC practice and teaching. The McMaster’s workshop, running now for 40 years, has provided the model for EBHC workshops throughout the world.  Over this time, we have developed a cadre of the best EBHC educators worldwide who return to the workshop year after year because of the intensely stimulating and educational environment.  Come to experience the best in EBHC education!

Travel Facilities and Accommodation

The workshop will be held at McMaster University. Upon confirmation of a definite placement in the workshop, you will receive a formal letter, access to the website and background and introductory materials will be provided with general information regarding specifics of the workshop, accommodation, and travel.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the Registrant.  Modest accommodation is available on campus. Other accommodations are available in city hotels, 10-30 minutes away by foot, bus, or car.

Registration Fees

$200 discount if you register before Dec 31, 2021


Canadian $


Optional Post-Course

Developing an EBHC Curriculum

$ 400.00

+ 13% Harmonized Sales Tax

One member from an institution


+ 13% Harmonized Sales Tax

Two members from an institution

$2500.00 each

+ 13% Harmonized Sales Tax

Three or more members from an institution

$2200.00 each

+ 13% Harmonized Sales Tax

13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST # R119-035-988).

Registration fee includes, 3rd Edition – Users’ Guide to the Medical Literature, photocopying services, access to computer literature searching, Dinner on the Sunday and Thursday evenings.


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