If there is one reason above all to come to McMaster it is our tutors. Leading EBM from the beginning, the workshop has succeeded in attracting the best EBHC educators in the world. They come back year after year because of the excitement and innovation they find at the McMaster workshop.

The workshop is offered as a one-week intensive course. Participants will be learning in small groups led by clinical epidemiologists and practitioners from McMaster and other institutions.

Each small group consists of two tutors, one tutor trainee, one research librarian, and up to eight learners.


Workshop Planning Committee

1 Guyatt 2019

Gordon Guyatt

McMaster University Workshop Chairperson

Keitz Photo 2015 16 17 18

Sheri Keitz

Lahey Hospital Medical Centre Workshop Chairperson

EBCP-logo_20x21 orig 2018

Laurel Grainger

Registrar / Co-Coordinator graing@mcmaster.ca

EBCP-logo_20x21 orig 2018

Gail Clark

Coordinator clarkg@mcmaster.ca

2019 Tutors

Eman Ansari Photo 2019

Eman Ansari

Boston Children's Hospital

El Gouhary Photo 2018

Enas El Gouhary

McMaster Children Hospital

Halalau Photo 2016 17 18.docx

Alexandra Halalau

Beaumont Hospital

Ben Hunter Photo 4 2019

Ben Hunter

Indiana University School of Medicine

Izcovich Photo 2013

Ariel Izcovich

German Hospital of Buenos Aires

Brad Johnston Photo 2019

Bradley Johnston

Dalhousie University

Jonathan Kirschner photo 2019

Jonathan Kirschner

Indiana University Health Physicians

Keitz Photo 2015 16 17 18

Sheri Keitz

Umass Memorial

Pierre_Larochelle photo 2019

Pierre La Rochelle

Laval Université

Luz Letelier Photo 2015 16 17

Luz Maria Letelier Saavedra

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Eric McCoy

UC Irvine School of Medicine

Reem Mustafa Photo 2019

Reem Mustafa

University of Kansas Medical Centre

Prasad Photo 2019

Kameshwar Prasad

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Richardson Photo 2019

Scott Richardson

AU/UGA Medical Partnership University of Georgia Health Sciences Campus


John Stites

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Guylene Theriault Photo 2019

Guylene Theriault

McGill University

Wilson Photo 2017 18 19

Mark Wilson

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Zhang (Madison) Photo 2018

Yuqing (Madison) Zhang

McMaster University

Zhang (Ying) Photo 2018

Ying Zhang

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

2019 Tutor Trainees

Jeff Albright photo 2019

Jeffrey Albright

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Samuel Boudreault Photo 2019

Samuel Boudreault

Laval Université

Jianfang Cai Photo 2019

Jiangang Cai

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Daniel Corson-Knowles photo 2 2019

Daniel Corson-Knowles

Indiana University School of Medicine

Yutong Fei Photo 2016 17

Yutong Fei

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Farid Foroutan Photo 2019

Farid Foroutan

McMaster University

Brett Holmes Photo 2018

Brett Holmes

Beaumont Health

Cornelius James Photo 2019

Cornelius James

University of Michigan

Andrea Vasquez Camargo Photo 2019

Andrea Vasquez Camargo

University of Saskatchewan

2019 Librarians

Banfield Photo 2018

Laura Banfield

McMaster University

Bhatnagar 2018

Neera Bhatnagar

McMaster University

John Bourgeois Photo 2019

John Bourgeois

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Erin Boyce 2 2019

Erin Boyce

The Childhood Cancer Research Association

Dishan Photo 2019

Brad Dishan

St Joseph's Health Care London

Kaitlin Fuller Photo 2019

Kaitlin Fuller

University of Toronto

2016 Erica Lenton Photo

Erica Lenton

University of Toronto

2016 Jonna Peterson Photo

Jonna Peterson

Northwestern University

Emmanuella Raynard Photo 2019

Emmanuelle Raynard

Laval University

Sadaf Ullah Photo 2019

Sadaf Ullah

The Centre for Effective Practice