McMaster Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshops

Precourse Workshop

Additional Cost: $300 Cdn + HST ($39.00)

Session Summary:

The purpose of this half-day precourse is to provide exposure to core concepts required to incorporate best evidence into practice and teaching prior to full the 4-day EBM workshop. The precourse is intended for early learners who have limited experience with the critical appraisal process. The 4 hours will be structured in parts that mirror the evidence cycle:

  1. constructing a structured clinical question;
  2. assessing risk of bias;
  3. understanding results; and
  4. application.


Learning Objectives

Following the precourse, participants will be able to:

  • Form a clinical question using a structured PICO framework
  • Describe concepts used to assess risk of bias in study design
    • Randomized Trials: why do we randomize?
    • Cohort Studies: Adjusted analysis
  • Demonstrate understanding of reporting of results
    • Calculate and interpret measures of association: risk ratio, odds ratio, risk difference, number needed to treat/harm
    • Demonstrate understanding of p-values and confidence intervals
    • Describe results of a systematic review when summarized in a Forest Plot
  • Demonstrate understanding of key principles in applying evidence
    • Describe when is it okay to generalize findings (or when it is not)

Teaching Method

  • The precourse will be in a large group setting
  • Presenters will utilize interactive and active participant learning techniques

Precourse Faculty:

  • Precourse Co-Directors: Sheri Keitz and Gordon Guyatt
  • The precourse topics will be taught by a combination of experienced tutors for the main 4-day EBM workshop

Who should attend?

  • Participants in the practice stream with minimal or no prior exposure to basic concepts in evidence-based practice
  • Participants in the teaching stream may wish to attend to see new techniques in interactive large group teaching and teaching tips for key concepts that are covered.

Precourse Registration Information

  • Precourse Registration must occur at the same time as registration for the EBM course
  • Additional cost associated with attending the pre-course is $300 + HST