McMaster Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshops

Course Materials

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The educational course materials will be available on-line by March 1 for registrants who have signed up for the workshop. These will include literature on teaching critical appraisal and EBCP, the small group learning format, and a set of clinical problems.

2018 Course Materials for the EBCP Workshop
Large Group Presentations


2018 Course Materials


"How to practice and teach evidence based healthcare: An attempt at a tantalizing introduction to the workshop"- by Gordon Guyatt

"Understanding Therapy: To treat or not to treat, that is the question" - by Enas El Gouhary and Sheri Keitz

"GRADE" - by Gordon Guyatt

"Demystifying core issues in clinical diagnosis"
- by Mark Wilson

"Can you trust this trial's result? The use of the fragility index" - by Michael Walsh

"Systematic Review" - by Gordon Guyatt

"Judging the predictive power of clinical prediction guides A Users' Guide in evolution" - by Gordon Guyatt

"Going from evidence syntheses to recommendations about diagnostic questions: When can test accuracy results be sufficient to extrapolate about overall benefits and harms"
- by Reem Mustafa

2018 Course Materials in Spanish  
2012 Course Materials in French