McMaster Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshops

Workshop Format

Graphic of small group learningSmall Group Learning

The workshop is offered as a one-week intensive course. Participants will be learning in interactive small groups led by clinical epidemiologists and practitioners from McMaster and other institutions. The workshop will consist of small and large group sessions, individual study time and, for the teaching stream, opportunities for workshop participants to lead teaching sessions using their own ideas, materials, and reflecting their own experiences.

Workshop Participants

Some course participants will come with a basic understanding of the principles of EBCP. These individuals will be as interested in deepening their understanding of these principles as they are in learning new teaching strategies. Other participants will have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the principles, and will be coming to advance their teaching skills. Still others will have intermediate skills. To accommodate everyone's needs, we will try to create a number of groups with different emphases.

Workshop Materials

Prior to and at the workshop, participants will have access on-line to educational materials that include literature on critical appraisal and EBCP, the small group learning format, a set of clinical problems, JAMAevidence, and a variety of other EBCP aids.