McMaster Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshops

Attendee Profile

The EBCP Workshop accepts clinicians from a wide variety of backgrounds; there are typically groups in internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, family medicine, gastroenterology, chiropracty, naturopathy, a Spanish group and a French group.

There are two workshops

How to teach workshop

This workshop will help participants learn how to teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice using a variety of educational models in different settings, with different types of learners.

Choose Your 'How to Teach' Tutorial Group Placement

Focus on both the principles of critical appraisal and teaching EBCP
Focus primarily on teaching EBCP

Improve Practice workshop

In this workshop, you will acquire an understanding of common epidemiological concepts (e.g. interpreting hazard ratios, confidence intervals, critical appraisals of a systematic review) and advance your skills in using the literature for quality assurance, improving practice, and judging comparative effectiveness of health care interventions.