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Course Description and Agenda

Come to McMaster, the birthplace of evidence-based health-care, to join in one of two closely related workshops.

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NEW Half-day Precourse

Designed for those with limited experience, this workshop will provide exposure to core concepts.

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Large Group Presentations

The Large Group Presentations are one of the cornerstones if the workshops.

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Course Accreditation

A designated accredited provider for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada...

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Information Guide and Accommodation Information

Choose from a variety of accommodations, either on the McMaster University campus, or at a recommended hotel.

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“I am a chiropractor who has participated in the EBCP Workshop at McMaster for the past 5 years. I am an educator and a clinician. My experience at McMaster has helped me grow tremendously in both those roles.

The skills I’ve gained at McMaster have enhanced my practice and rejuvenated my teaching. My growing understanding on how to acquire, appraise and use evidence to benefit my patients has brought clarity to my day to day practice. My teaching has shifted to be highly learner centered where I function as a facilitator of learning rather than a teacher of facts.

The McMaster program has been of tremendous value to my institution in its efforts to instill the concepts of evidence-based clinical practice in all aspects of the curriculum. So far we have sent 19 of our faculty to the workshop with 4 attending more than once. We have every intention of continuing to send faculty in the years to come.

Evidence is a universal language that cuts across disciplines and professions. EBCP is always focused on what benefits the patient. My profession is considered alternative and complementary but is slowly moving into mainstream. I have no doubt that preparing chiropractors to use the skills of EBCP will only enhance patient care and facilitate professional integration.”

John Stites DC, DACBR, FACO



“EBCP- A mother pearl in our midst!

Dear surgical colleagues (current and in the nearby future), Dr Algird and myself just finished a weeklong intensive Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBCP) right here in McMaster which was handled by superb experts in the field. I have always endorsed to everyone in my entire professional life, the microvascular anastomosis course at the Univ of Zurich lab which was started by one of the two internationally acclaimed neurosurgeons of the century, Prof Yasargil.

This EBCP course should be ranked in the same accolade! Truly, the experience and the knowledge I got through the interactions with other surgeons and a non-surgeon (within our small group) facilitated by extremely magnificent surgeons-tutors, are far beyond my expectations. I am sure, Munder and the rest of the participants from all around the world (US, Europe, Asia, MidEast, Africa, in and around Mc) had the same appreciation and enrichment.

I will strongly recommend that all of us should at one point in our professional career, much better for residents at their initial year, to participate in this 'mother of pearl' course right in our midst!

Just like the Zurich course, it is not only for us, but for the benefit of our clients/patients we pledge to give them the best (care and management) for they should receive the best!”

Ben Baronia, MD

“As a practicing surgeon the EBCP workshop was an immensely useful and enjoyable experience. It was a compete evidence based immersion for 1 week in a highly stimulating and enjoyable format. In a few short days I feel I made dramatic improvements in my understanding and daily application of the evidence into my practice and academic pursuits. I plan to attend several more times in my career. As testament to the value of the course I was impressed by how many novice and expert evidence based practitioners attended the workshop on a repeated basis. Thank you to the EBCP coordinators.”

Participated in a Surgery small group.

Colin Schieman, MD

“As an educator I sometimes struggle with how best to teach EBCP. I went to McMaster hoping to develop some new skills for teaching my students and to work on my own content expertise. I came away from the workshop with that and more. I was so impressed with the safe environment in which we all practiced our teaching skills and tried out now things. In our group we were encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. The large group sessions always gave me something to think about and teaching tips to try at home. I especially appreciate the multidisciplinary atmosphere.

I hope I get the chance to come back again.”

Robert M. Rowell, DC, MS

“The 2013 evidence based medicine course at McMaster University was an excellent learning experience.
The direct application to surgery and my specialty of orthopedic surgery was quite useful. Our small surgery group allowed all of us to discuss and reinforce our understanding of EBM.
The Chairman of the Orthopedic Department, Dr. Mohit Bhandari and his colleague Dr. Brad Petrisor were outstanding in our small group. Thanks again for a great course. Let me know if I can help.”

Participated in a Surgery small group

Tom Reinsel, MD


“Le cours sur la médecine factuelle offert par McMaster est une expérience inoubliable qui changera à tout jamais votre façon de pratiquer et enseigner la médecine. Ce cours organisé par les fondateurs du mouvement EBM vous initiera aux bases de la médecine factuelle et vous permettra de mieux comprendre la littérature scientifique.”

The course on evidence-based medicine offered by McMaster is an unforgettable experience that will change HOW YOU PRACTICE AND TEACH MEDICINE forever." "This course organized by the founders of the EBM movement will introduce you to the foundations of evidence-based medicine and will help you better understand the scientific literature.

Participated in a French group

Patrick Archambault


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